Reflection – Photography 2016

First and foremost, before I started writing down my thoughts on Reflection – Photography 2016, I searched through my archives, found my reflection articles for the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. I wonder what happened to my years 2014 and 2015? That is a mystery for me to solve.

The year 2016 had a significant impact on my photography due to unforeseen circumstances outside of photography, in my professional and personal life. If you would like to know more about what really happened, I wrote and posted on what happened to me over the past three quarters of 2016 on my personal site, it’s inside the archives or you can also read Reflecting 2016 – Part 1 and 2.

Fellow photographer friends mentioned to me that they haven’t seen me post and share as many photographs, compared to previous years. They were spot on, great with details and observations. A quick look at my Flickr collection on the 2016 memories, I got 34 albums inside this collection, partly due to the fact that my Hokkaido 2016 autumn photographs (7 sets) and 3 sets of portfolio works have not been uploaded yet. Therefore, I might have 44 albums of photographs for year 2016 memories collection in my final count for this album.

That’s my Hokkaido Photo GuideTsuyoshi Kato san, during my Hokkaido October 2016 trip.

With the exception of my Hokkaido 2016 autumn photographs, the year 2016 would probably be a year of not too much excitement nor mind blowing for my photography. It’s probably due to the other circumstances that had severely affected my photography, most crucially, my personal projects were all put aside.

This cute penguin from Jurong Bird Park basically sums up my Photography 2016 Reflection –

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

Time to resurrect my personal photography projects and rejuvenate my photography in year 2017!

A dream, an inspiration to produce/print my own travel story book

I am a travel wanderlust deep inside, even though I didn’t travel as much and to as many countries that I would love to. One of the countries that I love, that most of my family, relatives, friends and readers would be able to see it from my sharing, is Japan.

A few weeks back, while reading and searching for photography books in the library, I would also look at travel section books. Most recently I found this book titled “日本鐵道美景”, published in Taiwan, showcasing gorgeous Japan Railways (JR) landscape sceneries and JR trains in action. I was in awe and totally mesmerised by those photographs showcased inside the book, the locations on where you can go and photograph them. Deep inside my heart, I am thinking of photographing JR railway sceneries in my next Japan trip.

Most recently, I found this book in the library, on Hokkaido personal travel stories by Milly, titled “一個人的幸福旅程-北海道“, that is also published in Taiwan. Similarly, I am also very inspired by this book and thinking of combining my 2014 and 2016 Hokkaido travel stories together into a mini e-book / PDF book as well as printing them out as a physical book. I am wondering how it would turn out?

To be honest with everybody, I don’t know how to produce and print a proper book with ISBN standard and registration. This is my dream, my inspiration to produce and print my own travel story book, on Hokkaido, using my travel stories of 2014 and 2016. I only have my stories and photographs, I don’t know how to do a proper and professional book layout, I don’t know the process of editing and getting the final stories edited.

This new journey that I just discovered, it’s daunting yet I can feel the excitement and adrenaline, an experience something similar to my Hokkaido photo book that I printed in 2015. I am going to discover this new journey of producing and printing my own travel story book.

It’s going to be another difficult journey with an unbelievable goal and outcome at the end. This is not so much about earning money, these are my own photography artworks and travel stories, my pride and joy. I am definitely going to face a lot of obstacles in many aspects. I am going to think, plan and work it out step by step, no rush, no pressure.

A dream, an inspiration, a new personal project discovered for year 2017 and unearthed deep inside my heart and soul, it’s like my calling.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Today is Christmas 2016, it’s also a long weekend holiday since it falls on a Sunday!! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement you folks had gave me especially during this difficult and turbulent year 2016. We are reaching the end of year 2016 and let’s all get ready for a fresh new year 2017!

Let this iconic Christmas Tree in Biei, Hokkaido (that I took earlier in October 2016) wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Animation techniques used in N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Production Phase

The world of animation is huge, it can be fascinating as well as challenging for those who are not versed in the history, foundations and basis of animation, the techniques and evolution of animation techniques over time. The power of animation brings life into the still images that you see. The animation industry is a thriving and growing industry, from the simple flip books to the motion picture films.

Animation techniques can be generally divided into

  1. Traditional animation
  2. Stop motion animation
  3. Computer animation (Digital animation)

There are a number of different animation techniques being applied during the N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 production phase. I would like to share some of the animation techniques that were used by the teams during this time for my readers and followers to have a better understanding and a short introduction to some of the animation techniques that were being applied.

Stop Motion Animation

In N.Emation! 11 Top 10 production phase, although there wasn’t a purely 100% stop motion animation technique being used to produce the video clip, some of the teams used a hybrid of animation techniques, combining stop motion animation technique with digital animation techniques to produce their final animation clip video. One of the teams was Team NE HEH HEH and I would share a bit more about their hybrid animation technique in a later paragraph below.

During N.E.mation! 6, I attended a stop motion workshop, learned about paper cut (Cutout animation) animation and produced a short stop motion video clip. The experience was invaluable for me as I started my involvement and support for N.E.mation! over the past 5 seasons.

Some of the stop motion techniques include clay animation a.k.a plasticine animation and object animation. The plasticine animation technique was used previously in some of the earlier seasons of N.E.mation! Keep a lookout for the object animation technique used by Team NE HEH HEH that I would be sharing about below.

Digital Animation (Computer Animation)

Digital animation, sometimes as known as computer animation, utilises modern technology and software on the computer to create digital animation clips. The students used photography editing software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit their images. For the segment on digital animation, there are a number of different software that can be used such as Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects. The students spent quite a large amount of time on the computer screens, ensuring that their flow, timing and movements of their animation were correct.

Some of the digital animation clips are not just done on the computer, the students also had access to tablets whereby they need to do their editing of their images via Photoshop before they could be input into the animation software to produce their animation clip.

Hybrid Animation (Stop Motion Animation + Digital Animation)

One of the five teams under my care, Team NE HEH HEH, applied the hybrid animation technique to produce their animation video clip during the production phase. Their stop motion animation was object animation, with the plastic cups being the object and focus of attention. There was a fair bit of initial preparation for the plastic cups and the flow of their story boards. Once the plastic cups were all prepared, they would find themselves being placed inside the light box with a Canon DSLR camera mounted on a tripod to take the photographs.

Once all the necessary photographs were taken, they were combined together with the digital animation portion, to produce a hybrid animation video clip. How do you think this hybrid animation video clip by Team NE HEH HEH would turn out? Stay tuned, coming soon! The video clips by the Top 10 teams would be released in the month of January 2017, do keep a lookout for them!

The short introductory write ups of the animation techniques used in N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Production would give a glimpse into what the students had been doing and using during their three weeks production phase. From my personal experiences following and supporting N.E.mation! over the past six seasons (including this season 11), the animation video clips produced by the students during N.E.mation! were impressive, pretty good quality and standards too! The students never fail to amaze me with their final animation video clips (from the past few seasons) when they are officially announced and launched to the public for viewing and voting.

While the Top 10 teams animation video clips are now currently going through post production process, I am excited and eagerly awaiting for the official announcement for the Top 10 animation video clips to the public for viewing and voting.

The N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 videos are coming soon in January 2017! Stay tuned and keep a lookout!

Travelers Notebook for the Travel Wanderlust

A travel wanderlust I am, even though I haven’t travel to as many countries around the world as I would love to. Technology, information technology gadgets, internet and social media has helped travelers in many ways to research, plan, connect and communicate with travelers and destinations. There are times whereby a traveler sometimes just want to be less connected to technology and social media, we travelers just want to immerse and enjoy the joys and wonders of traveling.

A few months back, through a Facebook post by my senior from Dragon Scout Group family, he showed a photo of this nice looking leather notebook with all their beautifully designed travel writing accessories at Narita Airport. I was amazed by all of them and started researching on them. That was the time when I got to know about Travelers Factory from Japan.

When I visited Hokkaido in October 2016, I was planning to buy the Travelers Notebook in Sapporo. However, I didn’t master the Japanese language and I wasn’t able to navigate my way around Tokyu Hands Sapporo to find it. Moreover, I was in a bit of rush during my Hokkaido travel trip, thus I didn’t manage to buy it when I was in Japan.

I came back home to Singapore and went around searching for the Travelers Notebook at various bookstores and stationery shops on Travelers Factory list. Finally, I got hold of my Travelers Notebook from Tokyu Hands Singapore! I was impressed with Tokyu Hands Singapore customer service, they took a few more days than usual to reply my enquiry email (I was asking them if they have the Travelers Factory stamps that I really like), they went all the way out to check with the supplier in Japan before replying to my email that they were not able to bring it in here to Singapore. Nevertheless, I am appreciative and thankful for what they did.

The Travelers Notebook is of good quality leather cover, workmanship and good quality paper. I really love it and this is like an encouragement to me, to fulfil my travel wanderlust. This Travelers Notebook is still raw and waiting for her maiden entry. Somehow or another, the omens were strong that I have to visit Japan again. I placed my amulets (from Tokyo and Sapporo) inside the notebook to see if they would make a good bookmark when I travel, there was a little box there and they fit it very nicely! Recently, I went to the library and found a book on Japan Railways travel photographs and locations whereby travelers can go to and photograph those gorgeous Japan Railway scenic locations with the JR trains running!

Now, is it time to plan for my next Japan trip in 2017? I think it just might be!

The Travelers Notebook is truly indeed a notebook for the Travel Wanderlust.

End of N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 Production Phase

The N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 production phase that took place over a period of three weeks was recently concluded on 9th December 2016. I was with them over a period of two weeks since I wasn’t able to visit the Top 10 production phase during the first week due to urgent family matters when I visited them on the 29th November, 2nd December and 6th December.

On my first visit to the N.E.mation! 11 Top 10 production phase, I was introduced to the five teams there were under my care. The 5 teams were

On my first visit to the Top 10 production phase on 29th November, it was an ice breaker for me since this was my first visit to my five teams under my care. I had a chat with each team to know more about them, the theme and what would their animation clip was all about. I introduced each team in an individual article post, giving my readers a sneak peak of the animation clip that they were going to produce.

In my next two visits on 2nd December and 6th December, I continued to have a chat with them on their progress and how they have been doing. During those two days, it was a delicate balance chatting with them, learning about their progress, encouraging them as well as not imposing too much time on them or interference on their production phase. I observed the five teams under me were very hardworking, putting in lots of effort and time, in getting their animation clip completed.

On 6th December 2016, the Top 10 teams played host to different groups of visitors from partners, vendors, teachers and their families. I followed and tagged along when the guests visited each of the five teams that I am covering for, listening to the girls presenting and sharing their theme, production and a peak into their digital animation progress. These group of young secondary school students showed maturity and confidence when presenting to the adult visitors. Being the ambassador for the five teams, I am really happy and proud of what they have completed during the production phase time frame, the maturity, confidence, public speaking and presentation were highly commendable for these group of young secondary school students.

On my last visit to the Top 10 production phase on 6th December 2016, I was able to catch a glimpse of their digital animation clips from the five teams, they had pretty much wrapped up three weeks of intense digital animation production hard work, getting ready for post production to combine all their individual hard work together into their final digital animation video clip that would be announced and showcase in early January 2017.

I would like to congratulate all Top 10 teams on a job well done! Good luck and all the best in the next phase of the N.E.mation! 11 competition!

There was a wrap up party for the Top 10 teams to celebrate after an intense and hardworking three weeks of digital animation production. I joined them for a short time over dinner and watched their first few fun games from the sidelines. They deserved their fun and enjoyment after putting in so much effort and time during these three weeks of digital animation production work.

This is not the end of N.E.mation! 11 season, the Top 10 teams videos are now in the post production phase. Once the videos are ready for viewing, I would be sharing more news and information on their digital animation works, stay tuned and keep a lookout for my updates! That would also be a downtown picnic event whereby the Top 10 teams would be showcasing their videos, introducing themselves and rallying for the public support in January 2017! Do keep a lookout for my update, more information coming soon!

Canon Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Christmas 2016 is just round the corner and if you are planning to purchase a Christmas Gift for your family, relatives, loved ones or friends, let me share with you Canon’s Christmas Guide 2016! There is something for everybody who loves photography!

Share this festive Christmas Gift Guide 2016 by Canon with your loved ones and friends too! Pass It On and Pay It Forward!

For the budding movie maker – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This latest addition to Canon’s best-selling full-frame line boasts of brand new features such as the Dual Pixel CMOS AF, DPRAW, and 4K Movie Shooting. With these new state-of-the-art advancements, there is no doubt that your hand-sketched storyboards are sure to come to life.

A built-in GPS-system enables geotagging, in combination with calibration of photo capture times, budding film-makers can easily categorize videos and photos taken from their latest round-the-world shoot. The built-in Wi-Fi/NFC system also allows immediate sharing of photos with mobile devices.

This is the season of giving and if you’re feeling generous, there’s no better way to give your film-making friends a leg-up to the silver screen than with the EOS 5D Mark IV.


EOS 5D Mark IV (Body) SGD $5,199.00
EOS 5D Mark IV Kit

(EF 24 – 70 IS USM)

SGD $6,249.00
EOS 5D Mark IV Kit

(EF 24 – 105 IS II USM)

SGD $6,599.00

For the documentarian – Canon EOS M5

The new, redesigned Canon EOS M5 packs a punch as a strong contender in the mirrorless market. It boasts of one of Canon’s most impressive features – the Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This state-of-the-art function helps provide smooth and precise AF for photos and videos even while looking through the camera’s EVF.

The EOS M5 also shoots at a rate of 7fps with continuous AF and 9fps when focus is locked – perfect for capturing fast activity unfolding in the field. Additionally, the inclusion of the new Bluetooth Smart feature allows the camera to stay fully connected to a smartphone or tablet at low power consumption. Through the Canon Camera Connect application, remote shooting can be done using smart devices.

To top this off, user experience is enhanced through the full-time touchscreen feature, while still providing physical control points on the back of the camera. Also, the lightweight body and compact size of the EOS M5 makes it the ideal fuss-free camera for running from one news story to the next.


EOS M5 (Body) – SGD$1,669.00

EOS M5 Kit (EF-M15-45 IS STM) – SGD $1,499.00

EOS M5 kit (EF M18-150mm) – SGD $2,099.00

For the globetrotting backpacker – Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

What happens when the photographer in you insists on documenting every part of your adventure, but needs as much luggage space free as possible for shopping? Here’s the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II to the proverbial rescue.

This compact camera features Canon’s new DIGIC 7 image processor that comes along with a 1.0-inch type CMOS sensor. When shooting under challenging lighting conditions, this improved feature is sure to enhance the look of photos and produce shots with a high apparent resolution.

The touchscreen, tilt-type LCD monitor can tilt 180 degrees upwards, and also 45 degrees downwards; solo travelers no longer need to worry about not being able to take the perfect selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower.

It’s high-performing and lightweight, and most importantly, fits snuggly into the chest pocket of your insulated jacket.


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II – SGD$799

For the DIY-er – Canon SELPHY CP1200

In an age of hyper-connectivity, a handwritten Christmas card is often better appreciated than an e-card. Available in white, black and pink, the Canon SELPHY CP1200 makes the perfect companion for individuals looking to create such experiences for their friends and families. For those who love experimenting, the CP1200 allows up to 54 prints on a variety of layouts and sizes such as postcard prints.

The simple button layout easily allows both the young and young at heart to easily print their photos, which can be accessed from smart devices via Wi-Fi. With the optional battery pack, and applications that support Airprint, users are able to enjoy the portability of the CP1200 by printing from any location.

Weighing at only 860 grams, the SELPHY CP1200 can also double up as a travelling companion. Once back home, enabling the photo date feature allows users to reminisce their holiday memories when printing photos.


Canon SELPHY CP1200 – SGD$199

For the functionally fashionable – Canon PIXMA TS8070

Available in black, red and brown, the PIXMA TS8070 is the wireless all-in-one printer for design conscious users. The sleek model not only blends seamlessly into home offices, but also takes up less space with footprints reduced by 25 percent.

Equipped with a six-colour hybrid ink system, the flagship printer delivers highest quality prints and documents amongst home printers in its class. Furthermore, the PIXMA TS8070 is perfect for printing photos and materials for craft-making. User experience is also improved through a brand new adjustable 4.3″ colour touchscreen LCD panel.

Housing an array of productivity features while still retaining style and elegance, the PIXMA TS8070 is the obvious solution to those looking to keep their workspace attractive yet functional.


Canon PIXMA TS8070 – SGD$299

For the connected parent – Canon PIXMA MG5770

Instagram first, then print it! The Canon PIXMA MG5770 is the perfect present this Christmas for the New Age parent. Preloaded with PIXMA Cloud Link, the PIXMA MG5770 enables new parents to print photos of their cuddly toddlers straight from Instagram and other social media channels.

With the Wireless Direct function, users can connect their mobile devices to the printer directly without any of the usual hassle. In addition, the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App also enables users to monitor ink level status and even setup cloud services remotely.

To add that final touch, utilize the 2-sided printing feature to organise your photos using creative layouts. These customised prints alone would make for great little holiday gifts on their own.


Canon PIXMA MG5770 – SGD$169

For the entrepreneur – Canon RAYO i8

Measuring at just 111 x 111 x 17.2mm and weighing only 269g, the RAYO i8 mini projector fits easily into the back pocket of your jeans. With the ease of portability, presentation decks can be stored on smart devices and streamed directly via either Wired or Wireless networks.

Despite its tiny size, the RAYO i8 punches above its weight with its ability to enlarge content to a 158” image on any surface while delivering continuous brightness at 100 lumens. With a screen resolution of 854 x 480 (WVGA) pixels, the RAYO i8 is not only great for business pitches, but also for binge-watching movies.

Top this off with up to 2 hours of run-time on a single charge and you know that this is the perfect gift for the budding entrepreneurs in your circle.


Canon RAYO i8 – SGD$749

* Information and pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations *


We Tech Care 2016 @ Enabling Village 10th December

At We Tech Care 2016 held in March earlier this year at JTC LaunchPad @ One North, it was a fun and great community event, bringing people from different walks of life together to give back to the community, such as the local start ups, non-profit organisations, partner organisations and Microsoft Singapore. During the earlier We Tech Care 2016 event, it was also used to launch the President’s Challenge 2016. I visited We Tech Care 2016 in March, learning more about the works, efforts and outreach done by the various start ups and non-profit organisations in Singapore, along with what Microsoft Singapore had been doing to help the community and needy in Singapore.

With a successful and great earlier We Tech Care 2016, Microsoft Singapore decided to have another We Tech Care again in the same year, held on 10th December 2016 at the Enabling Village. This was also my first time visiting Enabling Village, it was an eye opener for me too!

The Enabling Village is an initiative by SG Enable, it is an inclusive community space of individuals and organisations that serve and are supported by people with diverse abilities. The We Tech Care 2016 event @ Enabling Village was graced by guest-of-honour Deputy Prime Minister & Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

We Tech Care 2016 is very good example of how modern technology in society today, such as technology companies like Microsoft can lead by example and help people from all walks of life, in their daily living, in their work and in the local communities. Through We Tech Care, Microsoft Singapore raised over $154,000 and this fund will go towards supporting the President’s Challenge beneficiary SPD, a disability organisation, to empower people with disabilities to learn and live their lives to their fullest potential with the aid of technology.

At We Tech Care 2016 @ Enabling Village, there were a number of different programs and activities for everybody visiting there were carnival, fun, games, coding workshops and Tech for Fun & Care. The organisations, charities and partners at Tech for Fun & Care segment showcased their latest apps and tech for people with different abilities. This was also the time for visitors to know more about them and how they can also play a part if they want to help out in active volunteering.

I sincerely hope that my small little article contribution here helps to spread the word and awareness that there are people in our society today that faces challenges and hardships. However, with the aid of technology, it can help them in some ways or another, to lead and live a meaningful life.

Party Up With UE at Bugis Junction – 10th December 2016

Do you love to organise outings, gatherings, events and parties at your home or outdoors? Would you like to have portable speakers that give you a pretty good surround sound system and playing the music together at the same time (more than two, even more than 50 speakers together)? Imagine having a number of UE portable bluetooth speakers (where no other big music speakers can go) inside your home or outside, providing surrounding music for your parties and gatherings!

The Ultimate Ears waterproof (IPX7) and bluetooth speakers such as the UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM speakers allow you to wirelessly connect them together with the use of their new app PartyUp. I have reviewed the UE speakers before and do check out my reviews on the UE MEGABOOM and UE BOOM that I wrote and shared previously!

Last weekend, I went down to Bugis Junction to catch the UE Party Up and I had a first hand view of many UE portable bluetooth players in action, playing music and accompanying the athletes exercising along with the music.

Party Up with UE would head into their final weekend at ION Orchard on Friday 16th December and Saturday 17th December. If you like to see, hear and feel how the UE portable bluetooth speakers combine and connect together to Party Up, head on down this coming weekend! If you are keen to own any of the UE portable bluetooth music players, they have some attractive promotions that are only available there during the Party Up with UE event! More information is available on their Ultimate Ears Facebook Page and Logitech Singapore Facebook Page!

Party Up With UE @ ION Orchard

Dates and Time

  • Friday 16th December 2016 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Saturday 17th December 2016 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Come on down this weekend and have a fun party time with Party Up With UE!

Canon PhotoMarathon XIV – 19th November 2016

The 14th edition of a fun, exciting and challenging community photography competition, the Canon PhotoMarathon 2016, took place on 19th November, held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. There were close to 2000 passionate photography enthusiasts gathered and participated in this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon.

With my participation in Canon PhotoMarathon XIV, this is my 6th year participating in this photography competition (I participated in years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016). The Canon PhotoMarathon was more than just a photography competition, it’s also a time for photography enthusiasts to get together and have fun taking photographs together (and also helping each other to get their shots for the competition!). Participating in Canon PhotoMarathon is also a time for me to catch up and chat with photography friends from Canon Singapore, Canon Imaging Academy, EOS World Singapore and also making new photography friends there too!

Before I proceed to share on what were the three themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV and what I shot, let me share about photography for everyone in the society that took place during this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon.

Canon’s corporate philosophy of kyosei – living and working together for the common good, was part of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV program. Canon’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program partner with the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) to host more than 30 participants, giving them the opportunity to partake in the excitement of Canon PhotoMarathon. It was really great to see photography playing a part for those participants to enjoy, giving them an avenue to express themselves through photography and enjoying photography during the Canon PhotoMarathon. I reckoned that the participants from Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) had a very interesting time shooting the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV!

What were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV? This year 2016 themes were different, a little bit special and my usual “I scratch my head and don’t know what to shoot” moment till I absorbed and digested the individual theme before knowing/planning what I want to shoot.

The three themes of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV were

Theme 1: Vision

Theme 2: Kyosei

Theme 3: #NoFilter + #NewPerspective +#Space

Here were what I shot and submitted for Themes 2 and 3 for Canon PhotoMarathon XIV (I did not submit for Theme 1 because I was away for a photography assignment that morning although I did my own Theme 1 shoot though)

Theme 1: Vision

Theme 2: Kyosei

Theme 3: #NoFilter + #NewPerspective + #Space

Shooting Theme 2 was very challenging for me, this theme also got me thinking very hard, on conceptualisation, creating stories to tell and how I can constantly improve, no matter what is the level of photography experience and knowledge that I am currently at right now.

Although at the end of Canon PhotoMarathon XIV, it can be very tiring physically after moving around and rushing against time to get the photographs for competition submission. The overall experiences had always been good, the fun, friendships and the love for photography. Participating in Canon PhotoMarathon over the years gave me an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn my photography. Lifelong learning and improvements apply in my photography journeys till date and it is still ongoing as always!

Photojournalist in Travel, Events and Sports Photography